Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Suicide – Is it the way out?

On the fine afternoon of June 14th, 2020 a news popped up in my WhatsApp that young actor Sushant Singh Rajpoot ended his life by hanging to the ceiling fan. I thought it to be a fake news at first instance but then confirmed that it is true. I was shocked. So were the millions of people across the nation. An emerging, promising and dynamic actor is no more, that to by suicide?

A couple of days since then a lot of people from the film industry, politics, journalism, and all so called experts are out to give reason and cause for the suicide of the actor. A lot has been said in favour and people are mourning his death all across the nation. Few months back, one of my dear friends, also aged 34, also committed suicide owing to his some or other problems. It was very shocking for us and left us vacant in our minds.

If we go by statistics, on an average 367 people commit suicide daily in India (based on the reported suicide figures of 2018 in India). However, we are only concerned about it only if someone we know personally or a celebrity is involved in it. Rest all news and figures come and go without us noticing it. And that is natural phenomenon too.

Every time I come across such a news one question pops my mind – “Suicide, is it the way out?” It is easy for all of us to have discussion, write articles and give suggestions on what should have been done? But this is all for a couple of days after the incident and then we are back to routine. To suggest is easy, but we need to analyse the reasons behind it.

In the recent case of Sushant Singh Rajput, people have come up with many reasons regarding his suicide. These are the few popular reasons – nepotism in bollywood, over ambitions, love matter, temporary setback, not getting films as desired, etc. As he has not left any suicide note, it is difficult to conclude either of the reasons. But my question remains the same – is it the way out?

I have seen people suggesting that he should have shared his problems with someone, should have sought help from someone, speaking with some friend gives us relief from problems, etc. But all this comes after the damage is done. Everyone is ready to listen and understand after the person has left. Normally, people don’t listen to problems with empathy when we try to talk.

Usually, our problems are either treated as negligent, or ignored or not taken seriously. Also, few people have problems that are sensitive and discussing them may harm their public image and social status, if such information is leaked. So discussing your sensitive problems with someone may become difficult keeping in mind the issues of confidentiality.

Despite the above issues, in my view suicide cannot be the way out of any problem of your life. There exists no person who is living a perfect life free of problems. Problems are just perceptions we carry with us about a particular situation. Rather than thinking of suicide, one must proactively go and find a solution to the ongoing situation. Remember, there exists no lock for which a key is not made. So rather quitting the situation by way of suicide, it is better to think for the solution.

~ CA. Amol G. Kabra

[This article is introduction to the topic of “Suicide”. I have planned for a series of articles on this topic wherein I shall be discussing in detail more aspects thereto. If you have anything to share or any question to ask on this, kindly mail your thoughts on so that I may answer it or discuss it in my upcoming article.]

Suicide – Is it the way out?

On the fine afternoon of June 14 th , 2020 a news popped up in my WhatsApp that young actor Sushant Singh Rajpoot ended his life by hangi...