Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Path of Fire!

After my recent article giving some tips to prepare for forthcoming exams, I thought of writing an article for those who were not able to qualify their exams. Those who never fail can never have the true test of success. Failure here is easy to speak but very tough to accept. All the dreams, aspires, desires are crushed and it feels to us that we are nowhere. But wait, and think that this is not just the end of our struggle, it’s just the beginning. The pressure of exam is very very small as compared to the pressure of life. So don’t get shattered by one failure in a ‘big’ exam of the course which in fact is a very ‘small’ exam of life.

I remember, when I was in CA Final, I used to rehearse these lines from the writings of the great poet Shri. Harivanshraiji Bachchan –

Tu na thakega kabhi,

Tu na thamega kabhi,

Tu na mudega kabhi,

Kar shapath, Kar Shapath, Kar Shapath,

Agnipath, Agnipath, Agnipath.

Believe me; this poem gives us a lot of meaning and inspiration in our hardest times. I have tried to translate in my best possible manner here –

You won’t ever be tired,

You won’t ever stop,

You won’t ever turn back,

Promise, Promise, Promise,

(even if)

The Path is of Fire.

Translation was very simple. But the meaning is very deep. These lines require us to make a strong determination that you will not stop until you reach your goal irrespective of the fact that the path to success is very difficult. If you want to enjoy the fruits of success, you will have to face the difficulties to reach there.

Tu na thakega kabhi (You won’t ever be tired)

Despite the failure, make sure that you won’t be tired of it. When the feeling of tiredness will creep up in your mind, then the ‘foundation’ of your determination will start to weaken. Yes, the fact is that the result was not in your favor, but if you get depressed at this point, then the urge to succeed will disappear. You have to forget it as a nightmare and start afresh for the goal.

Tu na thamega kabhi (You won’t ever stop)

When you joined the course, there was a dream in your mind. The dream was – Some day after a few years, I will be a Chartered Accountant. But now there is an obstacle in your dream. So what, it’s not over yet. You still have a chance to fulfill your dream. Don’t stop, go ahead. Once you start feeling the depression, thoughts will come to your mind to stop here. But you have to continue. You have to continue so that your dream does not remain just a Dream.

Tu na mudega kabhi (You won’t turn back)

Winners never quit. Quitters never win. If after feeling depressed, somewhere you feel to stop, the next thing which comes to your mind is – Should I quit from here? But you are forgetting something, that you are just a step away from your success. You can see the success just one step ahead, but if you quit or turn back from here, you won’t ever fulfill your dream. Even at the last step, success will not come to you. You will have to go towards it. So, never quit you dream just because you failed this time.

Kar Shapath (Promise)

Now the question is to whom are you required to make these promises – your parents, your teachers, your friends, your society, or your God? No, to none of these. You have to make these promises to yourself. You have to make a strong determination to make, follow and fulfill these promises. Yes, fulfill these promises even if the path towards success is made up of fire.

Swami Vivekanand has rightly said – Arise, Awake, and Stop not till the goal is achieved.

Forget the failure, not the Reasons

You should forget the failure but not the reasons. You have to analyse and ask youself – what went wrong? Find the reasons and make sure you don’t repeat them. Remember one thing; there is a lot of difference between ‘Reason’ and ‘Excuse’. Don’t make excuses for your failure, but find out and correct them. If you go on with this attitude then nobody will stop you from enjoying the success this time.

So go ahead and conquer the dream. All the best.

CA. Amol Gopal Kabra


  1. Its good sir I read it and defiantly inspire by it but when I m so depressed (when result came) it’s not work even I know all these things.


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