Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The 3D's of Success

Recently I have written some articles for PCC and Final students. This article is especially written keeping the CPT students in mind. This is because they are new to the course and they should know the basic factors that are required for this course. Nevertheless, it also applies to the students of IPCC and Final and even to students of any stream.

We all of know the concept of 3D. It means 3-Dimensional. But this concept of 3D is a bit different. Here this is a Formula for Success. More or less, this is also a three dimensional formula with three D’s standing for the three requirements below –

D – Desire

D – Dedication

D – Direction

These words seem to be simple words at the beginning, but there is a lot of deep meaning hidden inside them. We begin with these one by one.

The First “D” – Desire

The first D is of Desire. Desire means one’s wish or willingness or aspiration. Here it means that, it should be one’s own wish to join the course and complete it. Most of the students join the course, not because of their own wish. There are many reasons for their doing CA. Some of them are – their parents require them to do; because majority of their classmates has joined CA and they don’t want to remain alone from the group in a new college or course; or because their best friend has joined the course. These should not be your reasons for joining the course. You can achieve success, only if you on your own aspire to do anything. Own willingness is the prime requirement for completing any task in this universe. If you aspire it, then only you can put your soul into it to complete it. So, ask yourself this question – Do I really aspire to do CA? In case the answer is no, you should really think about it seriously.

The Second “D” – Dedication

As I have said it earlier, if you aspire, then only you can put your soul into it to complete it. But now, I change my statement slightly. If you aspire, then you have to put your soul into it. You have to dedicate yourself for the course. For achieving success, there is no other option for hard work. I keep on saying people not to misinterpret this word. Hard work does not mean study for 14-16 hours. Hard work means serious approach towards the study. Hard work is a relative concept. The definition of hard work differs from person to person. One may require 3-4 readings to understand whereas other may require just 1-2 readings. So, hard work has no specific definition. One should realize his requirement and then work accordingly. I just wish to say that, mere desire is not sufficient, but you also require dedication for the same.

The Third “D” – Direction

What is the use of hard work if it is not in proper sense? Suppose you need to go New Delhi and you board the flight to Chennai, will it be of any use? Hard work needs the assistance of proper direction. As you are new to the course, you should have a proper guidance from the one who are experts in the field. In case you are not going in proper direction, all your hard work will go in vain. There is one short poem about guidance –

Najar badlo, Najare badal jayenge,

Soch badlo, Sitare badal jayenge,

Kashthiya badalne ki jarurat nahi hai,

Rukh badlo, Kinare badal jayenge.

The literal meaning of this poem is somewhat like this –

Change the way you look, the Scene will change,

Change the way you think, the Luck (Stars) will change,

Why do you keep changing the Ship?

Change the direction, the Destination will change.

I am sure that you got the real meaning of direction.

To conclude, I must say that to view the true picture of success, you must wear the goggles of “3D”.

Wish you all the best.

CA. Amol Gopal Kabra


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