Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Man's Shirt

Many amongst us know the story of the King who was in search of happiness. Still, I’ll discuss it here so that you recall it. Long time ago there was a king who was very anxious and so he was not happy for n number of reasons. He had lot of wealth, money, estate, property, etc. but still was not happy. So, he decided to consult to his Guru. His Guru suggested him that he’ll be happy if he gets and wears a shirt of the person who was the most happy in his kingdom. So he began the search of such person. Many days passed but the king didn’t find any such person. Every person he met was unhappy for one or the other reason. But finally after lot of search, he found a person who was very happy. The person was a poor farmer who used to earn his daily livelihood on his small piece of land but was satisfied and content with what he had. The king was happy to find him and immediately asked him for his shirt. But soon the king noticed that the farmer was not wearing a shirt. Here he realized the real meaning of his Guru.

Similar to the king, everybody in our own life is in search of happiness through external sources, but the fact is that the happiness lies within. A person with millions of wealth may not be happy but a person who barely earns his livelihood may be happier. The reason is the later one is content with what he has. Happiness is not from the physical amenities we enjoy, but it is the sense of satisfaction that our soul feels. Happiness is not what we own and what others see in us. It is what we feel within.

Today, the definition of happiness is totally changed. People just want to seem happy to the world but they actually are not happy within. Everyone is conscious about what people think about them but nobody is conscious about what he himself thinks. People run after money, wealth, prosperity, etc. to gain happiness but they forget the things which make them happy. They just want to ‘show-off’ their happiness rather than feeling it. In an urge to ‘make others feel’ them happy, they forget about the things what actually ‘make’ them happy.

The one who is most happy in this world is a small child who is unaware of all the external sources of the so called ‘happiness’. He finds his happiness in his own activities and own style. He is not bothered about any finance, wealth, amenities, money, property, etc., but is happy with his basic needs only. Once he starts growing and becomes aware of the external environment, his ‘needs’ of happiness changes and as the ‘tradition’ goes on, he tries to find happiness in external things forgetting what his own mind and soul needs.

Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said – “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” So, it’s our own responsibility to ask our soul rather our body the needs of happiness. We should think, say and accordingly act for our happiness. Do what you like and be happy.

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