Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Marks – A real measure of performance or just a record?

Recently, the results of HSC i.e. 12th Grade have been declared. As usual, there were mixed feelings for the students. Passed students have scored marks as low as 35% to as high as over 98% also. However, if we can see a large number of students are not satisfied with the result. Be it a student scoring 50% or be it a student scoring 95%. The main issue with students is that the marks are below expectations.

Being in a teaching profession, I am closely associated with students. After the results, I got to know the feedback from the students about their results. The main feeling amongst most of the students was ‘disappointment’. The main reasons for disappointment were – 1. Scoring below expectations, 2. Should have prepared more, 3. Some other students more than me, etc. On analyzing these reasons I have something to convey to all the students who have passed out of HSC or shall be appearing next year.

Almost all students, and also their parents, are concerned with marks only. Everything in the career achievement process of a student is measured in terms of marks only. I have seen teachers discriminating the students on the basis of marks. But one question I need to ask that whether marks are the only criteria to judge a student’s worth? The answer is NO. It’s definitely not. But still students are being judged and graded on the basis of marks only.

No doubt, scoring good marks is an achievement while pursuing your academic goal. But what I mean to convey is that it is not the only criterion. I have seen students scoring top marks in exams but having less regards to common sense and vice versa. Scoring good marks need not always bring you wisdom. Then why to get disappointed about marks after the results?

I have experienced in life that all these marks and scores are a matter of a month after the result. If you get good marks, people will cherish for a month, if not the will blame for a month. They won’t pay heed after that. So what I mean exactly that your marks, whether good or bad, just remain as a record in the file of your academic accomplishments. So, if you want to score good marks, prepare and perform for it, but once the result is out there is no scope for ifs and buts.

Have a lot to say in this topic, but if I continue, this article may get lengthier. May be I’ll discuss other aspects in upcoming posts.

Heartiest congratulations to all the students for their success in HSC exams. Also, my advice is look forward and pursue your further education with full of confidence and determination.

All the best.

CA. Amol G. Kabra, Latur.

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