Monday, June 9, 2014

The Rules of Thoughts

We all know the rules of multiplication of mathematical signs ‘positive’ and ‘negative’. Still, we’ll have a look at those. These are as below.
‘positive’ x ‘positive’ = ‘positive’
‘positive’ x ‘negative’ = ‘negative’
‘negative’ x ‘positive’ = ‘negative’
‘negative’ x ‘negative’ = ‘positive’

One thing we can observe from above is that opposite signs give the negative results whereas same signs give the positive result. Similarly, there are some rules for thoughts also. But these rules are something different.

Before that, let us understand some points about thoughts. Thoughts are the things we feel in our mind. On an average, a human mind gets around 60,000 thoughts in one day. Most of the thoughts are unconscious also. The thought process is mostly out of control. However, we have the capability to control some of our thought, if not all.

Thoughts can be of two types – one which originate within us and one which originate with the input we get from others. Let us name these thoughts as internal thoughts and external thoughts respectively. External thoughts have, in most of the times, potential to influence the internal thoughts. In turn, internal thoughts also have potential to defend external thoughts.

These thoughts are further of two types – positive and negative. It means we have four types of thoughts in all – internal positive, external positive, internal negative, external negative. Internal thoughts are more in abundance than external thoughts. However, the chances of external thoughts influencing the internal thoughts are more.

As discussed above, thoughts also have rules. Let us discuss these rules.

Internal Positive x External Positive:

When internal thoughts are positive and external thoughts are also positive, the result, as like in mathematical signs, is positive.

Internal Negative x External Negative:

When internal thoughts are negative and external thoughts are also negative, the result is not positive. In case of thoughts, negative multiplied by negative is not positive.

Internal Negative x External Positive:

When internal thoughts are negative and external thoughts are positive, the result is still negative.

Internal Positive x External Negative

When internal thoughts are positive and external thoughts are negative, there is a magic and the result is positive.

Now what can we observe from the above? The answer is whenever the internal thoughts are positive, the result is always positive. On the other hand, when internal thoughts are negative, the result is always negative. So, bottom line is positive thoughts should originate from within.

I conclude by giving a thought – One positive thought from within can fight with millions of negative thoughts from outside.

(This write up is restricted to convey the rules with respect to thoughts. However, I shall try to elaborate more on thoughts in upcoming writings.)

CA. Amol G. Kabra
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